Summer school in Lausanne

I think it’s now official: after a couple of years in which Covid has ruined everything, we’re now returning with our summer school on Bayesian methods in health economics!

Of course, so many bad things have happened that this can hardly count as a major problem, but I have really missed the good fun we’ve always had in the week-long course, in Florence. And I have actually been very, very happy to get lots of emails from people inquirying about the next one — so much so that a substantial number of registrants for the 2020 edition (which inevitably got cancelled) decided to keep their registration active ready for as soon as the new one could go ahead!

And of course, Covid is far from finished — but after mulling this over, we thought the times are ripe for us to have another go. In fact, I had a big push into this when I was contacted by Joachim Marti, who after spending some time at Imperial is now at Unisante, in Switwerland, with a view at doing something like our Florence summer school, but in Lausanne. And so we’ll do! In fact, the new edition is planned for 20-24 June 2022 (registration is open here). In some ways, it’ll be a test-run — the programme is pretty much identical to what we were doing in Florence, but the last two years have taught us so much in terms of using technology and so I may be experimenting with a couple of innovations (but I’ll keep some mistery here…). Also, we have a slightly changed team of instructors, at least for this year.

There’s a limited number of places available — and the nicest thing is that the whole registration process is in the hands of our Swiss friends 😉 so, on the one hand it will be super smooth, but on the other hand, if you’re interested you should move quickly, before we run out of places!

Also: on the plus side, I just discovered that in addition to its nice lakeside location, Lausanne has also hosted one edition of the Eurovision song contest

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