Serendipity (again)

[this time without John Cusack]. This is really weird! I was taking a little break from work (honestly: I’ve just finished back-to-back meetings with two students and I had previously read their theses the whole morning. So well deserved!) and took a few minutes to check one of those ridiculous websites giving all the news about the football transfer windows. I know: they are really stupid and don’t even give real news $-$ only rumours and jibber jabber. But _even I _sometimes indulge in checking what Sampdoria do, especially in weeks after a win (actually I should say “only”; when we lose, they’re dead to me until the next game).

Anyway: I was reading (not without interest) about Tissone probably remaining at Samp and while scrolling down the page I realised that this time the advert was slightly more interesting…

(I swear to God I’m not making this up).

That’s probably because I was logged in Chrome with my gmail account or something like that. Also, when I think about it, this is most certainly an incredible violation of my privacy (presumably Google, but probably not just them), but it has, stupidly, felt quite nice…

And after all, I do mention Sampdoria in the book in $\S$2.2.1

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